The Divisions of Steatite Ltd are Rugged Systems, Steatite Embedded, Steatite Batteries, Steatite Computing, Steatite Antennas and Steatite Electronic Monitoring Systems. 

Our vision is to be the business partner of choice for computing, power and communication solutions. Our goal is to produce world-class products that meet all applicable requirements and delight our customers in all respects.

We are committed to maintaining registration to ISO 9001 and to continually improve the quality of each operation, transaction and interaction between ourselves and our internal and external customers. Specific quality objectives are set by the Management team, and disseminated through departmental managers to teams and individuals. Our determination to get each step right, first time, every time, and improve our attitudes and procedures, is reflected in better quality at all levels and stages of our business.

We recognise that our people are our strength and we will work to continually develop our people.

10th November 2016
Matthew Richards Managing Director     

Quality Information Documents

Mission Statement

“We deliver clients technology & expectations in packages that sustain a variety of environments”