• Custom Rugged Computers, Printers & Peripheral Products
  • Fixed & De-mountable Vehicle PCs
  • Custom Enhanced Ruggedisation & Connectivity
  • Encrypted HDD
  • In Vehicle Installations
  • MOTS Rugged & COTS Semi Rugged Laptops, Tablets & Handhelds
  • Rugged Windows Tablets
  • Rugged Android Tablets

Designed to operate in some of the world’s harshest environments, these rugged platforms can survive extreme temperatures, dust and water ingress, high impact and punishing vibration. Extended MOTS solutions can enable users to enhance connectivity, IP ratings and encompass encrypted HDD in required applications.

Rugged mobile platforms are designed to meet the demands of military and commercial environments, complemented by our in-house design and development services.

Working within the commercial and military arenas, Steatite supports users with market leading COTS rugged mobile computing platforms including rugged laptops, tablets, handhelds and android phones.