Tested against the following environmental criteria:

  • Stretch
  • Drop
  • Shock
  • Temperature tolerance
  • Ingress (water & dust)
  • Vibration
  • Contamination
  • Wearable ergonomics and allergens
  • Power management
  • Connectivity
  • Tamper resistance

All our products and accessories have been developed, designed and tested against the environmental specifications listed.

Such detailed engineering and in depth testing ensures continued performance of the devices many sensors and technologies, addressing issues common to the tracking market such as data integrity, robustness, false alerts, configurability, reliability and innovation.

Our fully encrypted message protocol ensures high level s of data integrity, confidentially and availability. We operate a user restricted interface mapping portal and message gateway which provides access, reporting and remote updates of subject devices.

We also utilise Government Approved secure data hosting environments within the UK and in addition we retained the raw device message data separately from working reporting data.