• MOTS & COTS Rugged Mobile Computing
  • MANET Mesh Radio Communications
  • UHF SATCOM Solutions
  • Rack Mount Computers
  • Custom System Design & Manufacture
  • Portable Power Packs & Energy Storage
  • Rugged Printers & Peripheral Products
  • Rugged Displays

Steatite are an approved supplier to the UK MoD and other Government authorities, providing Industrial and Rugged Mobile computing platforms, Military Communications Products, Custom Lithium Battery Solutions, Microwave Antennas and Subsystems for customers who demand high performance and reliability in mission critical and demanding operations.

Steatite has a strong engineering and design capability with an in-depth knowledge of CE, UK DEF STAN, American MIL-STD, NATO STANAG and UK, European and American TEMPEST requirements. This allows Steatite to offer the additional services of prototype design and development (COTS modification), custom enclosure design, Post Design Services (PDS), pre-compliancy testing and through life support (15+ year support contracts).