Steatite Lithium Battery Packs are already utilised with success in oceanographic applications including Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), Pipeline Inspection, Seismic Surveying, Acoustic Profilers, Sonar Devices, Oceanographic Buoys, Sensing Devices, GPS Systems, Memory Storage and many more. As an approved global supplier to Oceanographic markets, Steatite manages all aspects of shipping and operates the highest quality standards.

Commercial-Off-The-Shelf computers are not designed for use in marine environments where users encounter crashing waves, extreme temperature changes and salt water fog whilst maintaining a constant communications link. Mobile working now extends to offshore environments and Steatite offer a range of fixed, mobile and handheld computing solutions ideally suited to surface oceanographic applications. Protection against water ingress and drops from height make these rugged solutions ideally suited for managing data capture and communications in these hazardous operating environments.

Steatite is an approved distributor of Wave Relay® radio equipment. This leading edge Mobile Adhoc Networking (MANET) system brings unmanned vehicles capabilities to the next level by providing actionable intelligence to all consumers of the data securely in real-time, be it in the local operation zone or worldwide over the cloud. Wave Relay® enables these robotic platforms to work cooperatively with other robotic platforms, manned platforms and dismounted operators simultaneously. GPS denied and RF challenged environments are not an issue for Wave Relay®.