• High Temperature Lithium Battery Packs for MWD/LWD up to 225°C
  • Reliable power to Pipeline Inspection tools operating at temperatures up to 100°C
  • Wide Range of Battery Packs UN Approved for Transportation
  • Safe & Reliable Battery Solutions
  • Designed to withstand the harsh abuse imposed on down hole tools
  • Dependable Design & Assembly Capability
  • Channel Partner for the World’s Leading Battery Cell Manufacturers
  • Full Range of BAT Downhole Battery Packs for Sondex logging tools

Specialist Products

  • MWD / LWD
  • Pigging / Pipeline Inspection

Steatite is a class leading manufacturer of specialised high temperature battery packs designed specifically for use with industry standard tools and gauges in the oil and gas industry.

Designed for down hole drilling and exploration as well as ongoing maintenance via pipeline inspection, gauging and critical monitoring systems, our lithium cells and battery packs help reduce replacement costs because they feature the highest energy density available in the industry.

For new tool developments Steatite provide a custom battery pack design service, from concept through to UN qualification and final production.

Our custom battery solutions deliver peak performance in some of the world’s most hazardous operating environments, where operational downtime can be costly. High safety features including protective circuitry, fuses and diodes which help ensure safe, reliable power to tools operating in these conditions.

Major oil services companies and OEM’s rely on Steatite to recommend the right battery and portable power solution.

We carry stock batteries (including high-temperature batteries) for these downhole and wireline service tool manufacturers’:

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