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With the increase of remotely operated equipment and wireless technology the demand for greater battery power and energy density is on the increase.

Lithium Batteries are already utilised with success in oceanographic applications including Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), Pipeline Inspection, Seismic Surveying, Acoustic Profilers, Sonar Devices, Oceanographic Buoys, Sensing Devices, GPS Systems, Memory Storage and many more.

When it comes to product design the selection of correct battery chemistry can make a significant difference to the performance and run time of a piece of equipment. In some cases Alkaline or NiMH will be suitable but when space, equipment recovery cost and run time are important, Lithium is essential.

Correctly designed and tested lithium battery packs can be shipped around the world by Air, Land or Sea safely, with Steatite managing all aspects of shipping and supply chain management.

As the European Distributor for Beckett Energy Systems, Steatite are able to offer a scalable, light weight lithium-ion battery solution with high energy density. The batteries are modular in design and offer a greater flexibility when designing  a solution to meet the power requirements for Defence applications.

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