• 300 Wh/kg achieved at cell level in 2014
  • Inherently Safe
  • Lightweight
  • Full Discharge
  • Cycle Life
  • Maintenance Free

Lithium ion is reaching its maturity and predictions are that further performance improvements will be small due to the limitations of the chemistry. By contrast, Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) has the potential to surpass other lithium ion chemistries by being able to store a higher capacity without any safety issues. Lithium-Sulfur cells are lighter, safer and maintenance-free. The cells can be discharged to 100% which is a significant advancement on available battery solutions.

It was thought that the availability of such technology was many years’ away, yet innovative technology companies such as OXIS Energy are proving that the chemistry is far nearer than anticipated. OXIS Energy’s successfully developed and patented new chemistries are commercially available now, with GP batteries of Singapore being the first large-scale manufacturer to produce Lithium Sulfur cells.

The technological and commercial advantages of Lithium Sulfur cells will favour specific markets where energy storage, lightweight and portability are major factors in the selection of the battery chemistry. Applications such as portable equipment for the Defence market, electric vehicles and solar energy storage are already using OXIS Energy cells.

Steatite is proud of being a new contractual partner with Oxis Energy, by participating in the continuous development of Lithium Sulfur technology. We will consequently provide our customers an improved battery solution containing cells with an unprecedented level of performance.

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