• Peer to Peer Mobile Ad-hoc Networking
  • Deployable RF Network
  • Ground to Ground, Air & Maritime
  • Full-motion Video at High Bandwidth
  • Overt & Covert Form Factors
  • Tactical Video Distribution
  • Remote Monitoring

A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of mobile devices, such as a Rugged Radio (often referred to as “nodes”), that form a self-configuring network. The devices communicate wirelessly by relaying data across the network through a sequence of transmissions. In a true MANET such as Wave Relay® every node can communicate with every other node enabling true peer-to-peer connectivity. This is in marked contrast to the far more common mesh network design, in which a series of stationary access points connect end users only to the Internet.

The Wave Relay® MANET is designed to maintain both peer-to-peer routes and connectivity to an Internet gateway while under mobility. The system detects changes in connectivity and, using a revolutionary routing protocol, elegantly adjusts the pathways in order to maintain the most efficient route between them.

Steatite celebrated its first year as an Authorised Reseller of the Wave Relay® suite of products by being awarded Reseller of the Year 2014 by Persistent Systems LLC.

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