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Rugged personal tracking system incorporates array of security-critical features

High integrity electronic monitoring solution delivers industry-leading diagnostic functionality

Drawing on its expertise in producing advanced, resilient engineering solutions to deal with exacting application demands, Steatite now introduces a comprehensive, high integrity tracking system. It presents the national security, border control and law enforcement sectors with an ultra-reliable, all-encompassing, end-to-end solution that is simple to implement and can be tailored to fit their specific operational requirements. What essentially differentiates it from alternative solutions is that it has been designed from the initial concept phase with the goal of providing irrefutable forensic evidence – through its sophisticated diagnostic resources, precision positioning and secure operational capabilities.

The worn unit comprises a secure GPS tag with a robust ankle strap. A wide range of sensors are incorporated, which constantly acquire numerous forms of data concerning the wearer’s locality and the external environmental, as well as other key parameters such as battery status, etc. Extremely sensitive, adjustable tamper alert mechanisms have been integrated, which are triggered if any attempt is made to break into the case or to cut the strap.

The unit connects securely to a configurable web portal, which can be referred to in real time. This relies on geolocation data from multiple satellites and base stations, as well as access to state-of-the-art mapping sources, to determine the tag wearer’s exact position with very low possibility of error. Geofence notifications can be utilised to prevent the tagged subject from leaving (or entering) predetermined areas. Data being transferred between the tag and the web portal is encrypted to safeguard against the risk of security breaches. Also data segregation means that confidentially is always maintained, as not all the information is held in one place and will only be brought together if required for judicial purposes. The graphic user interface (GUI) has been developed to make it as operator-friendly as possible. Data recording and reporting rates can be set to suit specific requirements, with multiple monitoring modes available. Steatite can work directly with the customer to ensure the effectiveness of operational processes and thereby mitigate the chances of false alerts occurring (something that can prove a major problem with other solutions).

Through its elevated power efficiency, the tag unit has a long battery life (running for up to three days between charges). Furthermore, it has a rapid charge period (taking just one hour to fully replenish its reserves). Untethered charging means that it does not have to be connected directly to the mains (thus making it more convenient for the wearer). Its sturdy construction can cope with heavy shocks, vibrations and other forms of mechanical stress, as well as wide temperature fluctuations. As the casing is waterproof, this unit is not affected by exposure to water (from heavy rainfall, showering and even swimming).

“This personal tracking system showcases Steatite’s adept engineering, plus our in-depth knowledge of cloud computing technology and our understanding of the importance of data protection in relation to this. Every element, from the tag unit’s electronic hardware, firmware and mechanical structure, right through to its supporting software ecosystem, has been developed in such a way that it is fundamentally able to stand up to intense legal scrutiny, thereby providing the highest degree of evidential assurance,” states Chris Oxlade-Arnott, General Manager at Steatite EMS.


Next generation industrial computing

We are delighted to be able to offer the next generation of industrial computing, the revolutionary P2000 modular fanless computer.

With a unique modular design, the P2000 series can either be deployed as part of an industrial panel pc or as a standalone fanless embedded computer, giving you the flexibility to design a solution that meets your application’s requirements.

Powered by the latest 6th generation Intel Core i5-6300U processor, the P2000 series provides more than double the performance of its predecessor. Designed to operate in the harshest working environments and able to support screen sizes from 12″ to 21″ and both 4:3 and 16:9 formats, the P2000 is an ideal choice for almost any industrial application.

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Versasync time and frequency

Release of new generation rugged time and frequency server – Versasync

Spectracom has recently introduced a new generation, low SWaP, rugged time and frequency server, called VersaSync.

Designed specifically for flight test, telemetry, C4ISR, and mobile communication systems, the VersaSync is a high performance GNSS master clock and network time server that delivers accurate, software-configurable time and frequency signals in all circumstances, including GNSS-denied environments.

Standard VersaSync configurations are designed in accordance to VITA 75 which was developed for easy integration of subsystems in mobile platforms. The overall volume is under 1 litre, the weight is less than 1 kilogram, and its power consumption is approximately 10 watts. The list of design features for harsh environmental conditions include mil-performance circular connectors, a sealed enclosure (IP65), and an efficient heat transfer via the conduction-cooled based plate.

VersaSync is available with various global navigation satellite receivers including multi-constellation GNSS receivers and SAASM encrypted GPS with an upgrade path to M-Code. Additional references can be added as a back-up to, or in lieu of, navigation satellite signals.

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Steatite battery division wins top Panasonic award

Creasefield Ltd (part of the Steatite Ltd) are delighted to announce that for consecutive years their value added battery distribution has been recognised by Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems Europe GmbH (PAISEU). The award presented to the top performing European companies is based on a number of factors including sales performance, support, communication and stock holding, and firmly places Creasefield as a leading Panasonic distributor.

During the 28th family battery meeting held in Prague, Johannes Spatz, Executive Vice President PAISEU, provided an opening address detailing Panasonic’s plans for continued growth in Europe and praised the support and contribution of the European Battery Distribution Network. The meeting, attended by 42 battery partners and a strong technical and executive representation from Panasonic, presented new products and provided a technical roadmap for future cell developments.

Accepting the award on behalf of Creasefield, Engineering Director, Mark Andrew was delighted that the capability of the company and hard work of the all the staff had been recognised.

Paul Edwards, Steatite, commented “The combined business of Steatite and Creasefield will benefit our customers, offering enhanced technical capability and significant UK based design and production facilities. This will improve the level of service to our customers. We are proud to work with highly respected cell suppliers such as Panasonic who provide us with class leading Lithium, NiMh and Alkaline cells for our battery builds. These cells offer premium performance and safety. There are some exciting Panasonic cell developments that we look forward to working on with our customers on new projects. We are delighted to receive this award which confirms our company as a leading battery pack manufacturer. We are optimistic that our relationship will continue to grow with the Panasonic team through 2017”

About Creasefield: Creasefield Ltd are a manufacturer of battery packs for a diverse range of market sectors including Commercial Aerospace, Oil & Gas, smart metering , Sub Sea, Medical, and Defence. Creasefield was acquired by Solid State Plc, the parent company of Steatite Ltd on the 1st June 2016, with Creasefield now directly reporting into the Steatite operation. This amalgamation of two class leading battery businesses has created a significant force in the market where battery performance and safety are critical. The company has a pedigree in the design and manufacture of custom build battery packs and is able to provide a wide range of rechargeable and non – rechargeable chemistries, along with electronic control and safety circuits.

Steatite now provides COTS and custom microwave antenna subsystem components

With our carefully selected partners’ products and services, Steatite now integrates a wide range of active and passive microwave and millimeterwave antenna subsystem components, providing even greater added value engineering support.

  • Aldetec – COTS and custom designed high performance RF, microwave components including RF Converters, Power Amplifiers and Integrated Microwave Assemblies for commercial, defence and space sectors.
  • Anteral – Designs and develops high performance antennas from low frequencies to THz frequencies and THz measuring and imaging systems to 500 GHz.
  • ETI – Designs and manufactures state-of-the-art RF components, subsystems and systems including antenna beamforming networks and multibeam antenna systems, with the broadest frequency range in the industry (10 MHz to 67 GHz)
  • SAGE Millimeter – COTS and custom designed high performance millimeterwave components and subassemblies for commercial and military system applications.

Rob Lowther, Steatite Antenna Sales and Marketing Manager said, “Our aim is to provide a truly comprehensive microwave engineering service in the area of ultra-wideband microwave antennas, subsystems and components that continues to meet the demands of our EW and SIGINT customers. Our carefully selected partners will help the Company achieve this goal.”

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Solid State Plc acquires Creasefield Ltd

Solid State plc, the parent company of Steatite Ltd is pleased to announce the acquisition of Creasefield Ltd, a custom batteries business.


The operations of Creasefield are highly complementary to Steatite’s existing battery business and will allow for wider use of IP, design and engineering capability, cross-selling of existing products and development of sales into new markets. Bringing together the resources and expertise of Creasefield and Steatite’s highly regarded and already substantial battery division, will further increase Steatite’s leading position within this sector.


Creasefield specialises in the design and manufacture of custom battery packs to a diverse range of industry sectors principally in the UK, including; Commercial Aerospace; Oil & Gas; Medical; Subsea; Safety; Water; Rail; Military; Security and Government.


Commenting on the acquisition, Gary Marsh, Chief Executive of Solid State plc said:

“We have a stated ambition of growing both organically and by making selected complementary acquisitions.  Creasefield is a specialist in a field where Solid State already has a successful business.  The aggregation of these two battery operations creates a business that will be a significant force in its market.  With a broader sector spread and a greater depth of design and production capability, we expect the enlarged division to be able to further exploit new opportunities in this specialist field.  We are increasing our marketing resource to support the technical teams and anticipate a successful future for the batteries business.”

Steatite Antennas to exhibit at EW Europe

Steatite Antennas is pleased to announce its attendance at this years’ prestigious AOC Electronic Warfare conference taking place in Rotterdam 10-12 May, 2016.

The Company will be presenting its extensive wide-band antennas and subsystem solutions offering, including the supply of subsystem microwave components.

Steatite is the leading European supplier of ultra-wideband microwave antennas used in Electronic Warfare, SIGINT and Spectrum Management applications.

Please visit Steatite at stand number B09 for a review of the Company’s capabilities.

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New Managing Director for Steatite

Matthew Richards joins Steatite as the company’s new Managing Director, taking over from John Lavery who has been with the company for 33 years. Mr Richards also becomes an executive director of Solid State PLC, the parent company of Steatite Ltd.

With an illustrious background spanning both private and public sector companies, most recently as Senior VP and Managing Director of API Technologies Corp, a Nasdaq listed company, Mr Richards brings with him a wealth of industry experience and business expertise.

John Lavery will remain as an executive director of Solid State PLC until 31 July before taking up a non-executive role.

Gary Marsh, CEO of Solid State PLC comments: “After an extensive search we are delighted to have secured the services of Matthew, who we have known and admired for a number of years, as the new Managing Director of Steatite. We consider his knowledge and experience, particularly in export markets will be valuable in the continued development of Steatite and the group.”

Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS) Project Update at Oceanology International 2016

Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS) Project Update at Oceanology International 2016…

With the first phase of the project complete, today sees the official release of the pressure test results from NOC in Southampton. Using the test facilities at the NOC, Li-S cells underwent multiple pressure, temperature and discharge cycles equivalent to undersea depths of 6,000m.

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Project Overview
In October 2015 a consortium of UK companies and academic partners, led by Steatite began an R&D project to develop a battery pack that will be pressure tolerant up to depths of 6000 metres.
Due for completion in October 2017, the project is looking to exploit the inherent benefits of Lithium-Sulfur battery technology. This presents some major advances for Marine Autonomous Systems looking to improve on neutral buoyancy, higher levels of safety and higher energy densities, delivering greater speeds, endurance and payloads.

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